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Sunday, November 25th, 2007

I know it’s been almost three months since our Holiday to Geneva but once again I find myself reminded of it – not this time by my aftershave (long story) – but rather by Cirque de Celebrite.

Tonight they had a few of the performers on the Russian Bar, a cross between gymnastics and the trampoline, which reminded me of our visit to Circus Knie. Formed in 1919 by Friedrich Knie its the national circus of Switzerland doing around 350 performances a year employing over 200 people and 100 animals.

When the better half discovered that they were going to be in Geneva at the same time as us it was pretty much a given that we’d be going to see them and we duly booked tickets for a visit just before our return home. One of the best acts as far as I was concerned was The White Crow – a Russian bar act that quite simply blew me away. To be honest I hadn’t been to a traditional circus for many many years and the whole event was pretty spectacular – if any of you get a chance to see them I’d highly recommend it.

Circus Knie